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This week: 29th South East Asia Games with Figure Skating

17-SOL-photo-Kuala Lumpur-SEA.png
19 August 2017   -   The 29th SEA Games Kuala Lumpur 2017 officially has started on Saturday 19 August in a glittering and spectacular opening ceremony which benefits the prestigious status of the Games as the biggest sporting event in South East Asia. More than 84.000 fans were attending the Opening ceremony in the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil and will have millions of viewers across Southeast Asian nations. Athletes from 11 competing nations are present; involving Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste and Malaysia. Figure Skating is also a part of the official program. Around 20 skaters from 6 countries will compete in this event. The figure skating competition will take place on 26 and 27 September and consists of 2 medal events. The South East Asia Games will conclude on Saturday 30 August 2017.


This week: Next EYOF in 2019 in Sarajevo

logo-eyof-sarajevo-2019b.jpg 16 August 2017   -   The next European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF)will take place in 2019 in the city of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The EYOF is the leading multisport event for young European athletes between the ages of 14 and 18. There are both summer and winter editions, which take place in two-year cycles, in odd-numbered years.
    The EYOF promotes sport and physical activity and inspires young people to take up sport. Following the Olympic principles, it fosters the spirit of friendship, fair play and tolerance. The event enables youth from 50 European countries to meet and thus enhances European integration. The EYOF is also a great opportunity for hundreds of young volunteers to gain experience with organising a big event, develop their work skills and meet people from other European countries. The EYOF is a perfect occasion to teach young athletes from all over Europe about the importance of ideals such as fair competition, respect, tolerance and friendship." quoted Jean-Michel Saive.


This week: ISU information bulletins

ISU.jpg 16 August 2017   -   The decisions which are taken by the ISU about competitions and regulations are published in so called ISU communications. All ISU communications with information about the upcoming figure skating season, which have been published the past months, are now available for download on this website. Go to the page LINKS under the header Download Communications-Regulations-Newsletters and you will find the printable version of the ISU-communications.


News Archive

15-Aug-17This week: 30th Winter Universiade Lucerne-Switzerland
12-Aug-17This week: Competition calendar 2017-2018 now online
28-Dec-16A happy and healthy new figureskating year for you all
24-Jan-15Open Dutch Championships
28-Dec-14Merry Christmas - Happy New Year
24-Feb-14Olympic Winter Games Sochi closed
07-Feb-14Olympic Flame
07-Feb-14Olympic Stadion ready for Opening Ceremony
01-Feb-14Olympic Winter Games Sochi
24-Dec-13Happy New Year
07-Feb-13Bavarian Open Oberstdorf
26-Dec-12Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
10-Dec-12Golden Spin of Zagreb
06-Oct-12Winter season has started
30-Mar-12ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2012
24-Dec-11Merry Christmas
06-Dec-11Grand Prix Final in Quebec
29-Mar-11Unicorn Dance Trophy start of Dutch tradition
23-Dec-10Merry Christmas
14-Oct-10Junior Grand Prix in Ostrava last of the series
03-Apr-10Tulip Trophy Amsterdam
09-Mar-10World Junior Championships
15-Feb-10Opening Ceremony Vancouver
12-Feb-10This week: 21st Olympic Winter Games Vancouver
25-Jan-10European title for Kostner and Plushenko
28-Dec-09ISU European Figure Skating Championships Tallinn
02-Oct-09Pokal der Blauen Schwerter 2009
27-Mar-09ISU World Figure Skating Championships
24-Jan-09This week: Finnish Ladies at the top
24-Jan-09This week: Khokhlova/Novitski European Ice Dancing Champions
23-Jan-09This week: Joubert European Champion
22-Jan-09This week: SAVCHENKO & SZOLKOWY European Champion Pairs in Helsinki
20-Jan-09This week: European Championships in Helsinki
19-Jan-09This week: Hartwall Areena Helsinki
09-Jan-09GAM Nestle Nesquik Cup
27-Dec-08Happy New Year
25-Dec-08Merry Christmas
24-Dec-08National Championships
25-Nov-08ISU Grand Prix NHK Trophy - Japan
25-Nov-08Eurosport starts Poll on wintersports
20-Nov-08ISU Grand Prix Cup of Russia
13-Nov-08Trophée Eric Bompard with top-field of athletes
03-Nov-08Samsung Anycall Cup of China
14-Oct-08Vienna: Karl Schäfer Memorial
03-Apr-08Budapest: Finland-1 World Synchro Champion
22-Mar-08Göteborg: Buttle World Champion Men
22-Mar-08Göteborg: Gold for Delobel & Schoenfelder
21-Mar-08Göteborg: Asada World Champion Ladies
20-Mar-08Göteborg: Savchenko & Szolkowy winner Pairs
19-Mar-08Göteborg: World Figure Skating Championships
11-Mar-08The Hague: Akiko Suzuki and Wibi Soerjadi
11-Mar-08The Hague: Aegon Challenge Cup for Japan
10-Mar-08The Hague: Talent Award for Kihara
08-Mar-08The Hague: Akiko Suzuki winner Senior Ladies
08-Mar-08The Hague: Berntsson winner Senior Men
08-Mar-08The Hague: Patitucci/Edelmann wins Ice Dancing
08-Mar-08The Hague: Rizzo (USA) winner Ladies Junior
08-Mar-08The Hague: Gonzales winner Men Juniors
07-Mar-08The Hague: Marissa Secundy wins Novice Ladies
07-Mar-08The Hague: Novice Men won by Tanaka
07-Mar-08The Hague: Mariko Kihara wins Debs Ladies
07-Mar-08The Hague: Giorgio Settembrini wins Debs Men
06-Mar-08The Hague: ISU President opens Challenge Cup
04-Mar-08The Hague: Aegon Challenge Cup
01-Mar-08ISU World Junior Championships Sofia
22-Feb-083th Prova Regionale Como
22-Feb-08Heiko Fischer Pokal Stuttgart
15-Feb-08Kempen Trophy
15-Feb-08Four Continents Championships
27-Jan-08Zagreb: Carolina Kostner European Champion
27-Jan-08Zagreb: Tomas Verner European Champion
27-Jan-08Zagreb: Eurotitle for SAVCHENKO & SZOLKOWY
27-Jan-08Zagreb: Domnina & Shabalin Eurochamp Dancing
11-Jan-08European Championships in Zagreb
11-Dec-07ISU Grand Prix Final
09-Dec-07Santa Claus Cup Budapest
09-Dec-07Golden Lynx-2007 in Gomel Belarus
09-Dec-07ISU Junior Grand Prix Final
26-Nov-07NRW Trophy Dortmund
26-Nov-07ISU Grand Prix NHK Trophy - Japan
21-Nov-07Cup of Russia
21-Nov-0721st Golden Bear - Zagreb
13-Nov-0719th Trophée Eric Bompard - Paris
12-Nov-0713th Pavel Roman Memorial
12-Nov-078th Crystal Skate of Romania
12-Nov-07Warsaw Cup - Poland
05-Nov-07Cup of China 2007
03-Nov-07Skate Celje Slovenia
02-Nov-07NRW Trophy Dortmund
02-Nov-07HomeSense Skate Canada Int.
22-Oct-07Junior Grand Prix Sheffield
22-Oct-07Coupe de Nice
03-Sep-07Start of the ISU Junior Grand Prix series
01-May-07Time for a holiday
12-Mar-07Venhuizen in Perfect ambiance
10-Mar-07Smint Challenge Cup: Finland winning team
10-Mar-07Smint Challenge Cup: Venhuizen winner seniors
10-Mar-07Smint Challenge Cup: backstage at the ceremony
10-Mar-07Smint Challenge Cup: sound-engineers
10-Mar-07Smint Challenge Cup: Venhuizen in Kiss & Cry Corner
10-Mar-07Smint Challenge Cup: Rachel Flatt winner Juniors
10-Mar-07Smint Challenge Cup: Videotechnique in figureskating
09-Mar-07Smint Challenge Cup: Angela Maxwell winner Novices
09-Mar-07Smint Challenge Cup: Rosa-Maria Salonen winner Debs
08-Mar-07Smint Challenge Cup: The competition has started

Results on FigureSkatingOnLine

The competition results on this website can be viewed in various ways.
1. Go to the page "Results". Competitions that have results are marked. Click the red check mark to go to the results page. You see a page with a menu of categories and events on the left side 2. Go to the page "Live". The newest competition with live results is shown. In the top of the page you may select another, older competition. The competition is displayed as a program: the events in the order in which they are skated. Every single event may be selected for viewing, either as html-page or as pdf-file. During live coverage of the competition, start lists are available as well. Depending on the facilities on site, "Live" may be live uploading of every single race, uploading several times during the day, or uploading of results at the end of every competition day. You may opt for auto-reload to view the results as soon as they are available without the need to manually refreshing the page.


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